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Tow Truck Service in Texas

When looking for a dependable tow truck service in Texas, look no more than Obriens Towing. With us at Obriens Towing, you can rely on quality towing services anytime and anywhere. Our decade of experience in the towing business can guarantee you only excellent customer satisfaction.

Our fleet of towing vehicles can accommodate any car of different model and make. That is why if you need auto recovery service or local towing service, we can assist you with it. Allow the expert people to handle your car. Avail our dependable tow truck in Texas.

Durable Flatbed Towing

We at Obriens Towing offer flatbed towing service that can tow a lot of vehicles of different built or weight. Flatbed towing is actually a method of towing vehicle having a flatbed or platform on its back. This is by far the most popular choice for towing. This carries the entire vehicle on the back. We recommend you our flatbed towing as the best option of towing.

With us, you receive only but the best flatbed towing service. Our tow trucks are also fully-equipped with the right tools and equipment. This is the only way that we can perform our job the best way possible.

Check out our tow truck in Texas by calling us today!

Safe Medium Duty Towing

For a safe medium duty towing, let our team of professional drivers help you out. We can assess the situation and tow your medium-sized vehicle. Our goal is to safely transport your car to a safe place in no time at all.

Call Obriens Towing today for a safe tow truck in Texas!

Reliable Light Duty Towing

If you are searching for a light duty towing, we at Obriens Towing can help you with it. We have our towing vehicles that are equipped with the right equipment and tools. Since our light-duty towing trucks are easy to maneuver and are agile, we can recover your car easy and fast.

Do not think twice to call us at Obriens Towing right away for your roadside service needs. Our team of technicians can help you in no time.

Best Wheel Lift Towing

Best Wheel Lift Towing
To know more about our safe and efficient wheel lift towing, call us at Obriens Towing today. This type of towing is designed to work with its mechanisms known as a hydraulic arm and metal yoke. And the best thing about it is that it avoids any contact on the vehicle. This means to say that your vehicle is towed the safest way possible.

Call us now for the best tow truck in Texas!

Our Services

Jumpstart Service

With the use of the right tools, we can jumpstart the car batteries and let you get on your way in no time.

Motorcycle Towing

We offer extensive long Motorcycle towing service that you can trust. Call us now for cheap service.

Auto Recovery Service

Our auto recovery service is available round the clock to whoever is in need. Don’t hesitate to call us.

Car Lockout Service

No matter what the cause, we can help you fix a car lockout issue in no time.

Winch Out Service

Using the right tow truck and technology, we can safely pull all manner of vehicles to safety.

Medium Duty Towing

When cars are the problem, you can depend on our tow trucks to help.

Communities We Service

Eagle Ford
University Park
Arcadia Park
Highland Park
Farmers Branch
Cockrell Hill
Oak Cliff
Grand Prairie
Ledbetter Hills
Minters Chapel
Trinity Mills
Lakeland Heights
Westwood Park
Double Oak
Tate Springs
Lake Dallas
Harbor Grove
Copper Canyon
Hickory Creek

Zip Codes We Service

75062 | 75061 | 75038 | 75039 | 75060 | 75063 | 76155 | 75050 | 76039 | 75247 | 75220 | 75234 | 75229 | 75212 | 75235 | 75099 | 75019 | 76040 | 76006 | 76051 | 75209 | 75051 | 75006 | 75358 | 76011 | 75211 | 76021 | 75219 | 75244 | 76022 | 75207 | 76034 | 75260 | 75208 | 76010 | 75205 | 75225 | 75342 | 75398 | 75001 | 76005 | 75201 | 75230 | 75242 | 75270 | 75202 | 75275 | 75277 | 75283 | 75284 | 75285 | 75301 | 75303 | 75312 | 75320 | 75326 | 75368 | 75373 | 75389 | 75390 | 75391 |

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